Essentials of Good Bluegrass Jamming


SOLD OUT! Unlike any other instructional material available in regards to the art of bluegrass jamming, this DVD delves into the how and why good players do what they do. Ideas are clearly presented so as to demonstrate what novice and intermediate level players should focus on to improve their jamming skills.

Highly regarded music instructor/author, Eddie Collins, serves as emcee and plays banjo and guitar. He is joined by some of Austin, Texas’ finest bluegrass musicians: Billy Bright on mandolin; Chojo Jacques on fiddle and guitar; and Tom Ellis on Bass.


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Product Description

SOLD OUT! This video isn’t designed to teach the learner new songs, but rather to improve on the performance of any song the learner may end up playing in a jam session. Several play-along tracks are included for practice. Common jam songs are used as vehicles to present the following concepts:

–Each instrument’s role in creating a proper rhythmic groove in 4/4 time
–Bluegrass shape guitar chords
–Ringing versus chop chords on mandolin and banjo and when to use them
–How rolling banjo patterns can fit into the rhythmic groove
–Playing the melody straight verses adding common embellishments
–Embellishments demonstrated on each instrument
–How, why and when to use a capo
–Rhythmic grooves in 3/4 time
–Embellished rhythm techniques once the foundation is established
–Starting and ending songs, including adding vocal tags
–Leading into a solo in the middle of a song
–Common melodic fill licks: how to play them and where to use them
–Connecting bass runs and implying chord changes
–Chord substitutions