Beyond the Basics of Bluegrass Banjo


Beyond the Basics of Bluegrass Banjo picks-up where Basics of Bluegrass Banjo left off, with about another three years’ worth of lessons. The material is intended to help you become a complete player – one who knows the entire neck and can perform solos and back-up in a variety of keys without a capo. Scruggs, Melodic and Single-String styles are used interchangeably. There are extensive sections in regards to creating your own solos, improvising and understanding music theory as it relates to the banjo. BBBB is 112 pages and comes with two instructional CDs – one plays every example in the book, the second is 26 songs performed by a bluegrass band with the banjo parts clearly separated in the mix.

Samples from this book:

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Scruggs, Single-String and Melodic Styles
Developing your own solos
Embellishing solos
Using licks to create solos
Improvising using licks
Creating your own licks
Improvising using scales
Music theory as it relates to the banjo
The polka progression
Natural, Relative and Harmonic minor scales
Using the Circle of 5ths
Harmonizing the major scale
Identifying chord types
New moveable chord forms
Playing in the key of C
Playing in the key of D
Playing in any key without a capo
E Blues
Adding jazz elements to your picking
The Dorian mode
Texas-style rhythm
Creative back-up
G, C and D back-up licks
Driving back-up
Closed-position back-up
High back-up
Improvising back-up
Back-up in ¾ time
Steel Guitar licks
Transposing to any key
Knowing the entire neck


Banjo Happy Blues
Battle Hymn Of The Republic
Beaumont Rag
Bill Cheatham
Blues In E
Ed’s Cabbage
Dark Hollow
Flop Eared Mule
Going Down That Road Feeling Bad
Haystack Rag
I Don’t Love Nobody
John Hardy
June Apple
Knoxville Girl
Maple Leaf Rag
Meet Me In The Moonlight
Nine Pound Hammer
Oakdale At Midnight
Old Joe Clark
Old Time Religion
Red Haired Boy
Sailor’s Hornpipe
Sally Goodin’
Shelton’s Connection
Sitting On Top Of The World
Shucking The Blues
Turkey In The Straw
Whiskey Before Breakfast