Banjo Trivia Guide


This is the 192 page paperback version of Banjo Trivia Guide.

Banjo Trivia Guide is a fun-filled book about the history of the banjo, its great players, builders and instructors and even where it has made inroads into pop culture. Learn more about the instrument by sifting through four possible answers for each trivia question. The reader will also find a generous dose of banjo jokes and cartoons in addition to more than 200 questions.

Banjo Trivia Guide can also be ordered as an ePub book for either iOS or Android devices. Click here for more information.

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You can view an overview YouTube video of the book here

“Banjo Trivia by Eddie Collins is a fun and easy way to become insufferably knowledgeable about all things banjo.  It’s a good, fun, information-packed reading adventure.” … Alan Munde

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