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Basics of Bluegrass Banjo
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basics of bluegrass banjo

Nobody's Darling

Traditional – Verse and Chorus share the same melody

Out in this cold world alone,
Wandering about on the street.
Asking a penny for bread,
Begging for something to eat.

(Chorus): I'm nobody's darling on earth,
Heaven have mercy on me.
For I'm nobody's darling,
Nobody cares for me.

When I was but a young lad,
Mother was taken from home.
Now I have no one to love me,
No one to call me their own.

While others are sleeping so sound,
Or dreaming of silver and gold.
I'm out in this cold world alone,
Wandering about in the cold.

If I'm fortunate enough,
To get to the Heavenly home.
I will have some one to love me,
Some one to call me their own.

Basics of Bluegrass Banjo

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