Smokin’ Bluegrass Guitar Licks


Smokin’ Bluegrass Guitar Licks utilizes 20 common bluegrass chord progressions to teach you nearly 400 licks, which will allow you to create solos to literally hundreds of bluegrass tunes. The use of common left-hand slurs, blue notes, floating, cross picking, swing phrasing, drones, moveable patterns and position shifts are included. 66 pages. The demo CD includes every lick performed at a learning speed. Each practice progression uses sample licks and is played with rhythm accompaniment.

Samples from this book:


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Product Description

Licks are broken into categories based on their use, such as licks that work over certain chords (G, C, D, A, F, etc.). Other licks are based on the scale patterns from which they are derived, such as major, pentatonic and blues scales from various keys.