Key of D for 5-String Banjo


The most common keys in which fiddle tunes are performed are A and D. This book has been written to examine the many ways in which the banjoist can play in the key of D without retuning from standard G tuning. All tunes in this book are written and performed in the key of D. Many of these same tunes appear in the keys of G or C in other 3-finger style banjo books.

After some background information, the D Major scale is presented starting with the first position and moving up the neck (including the 12th fret and beyond). Additional topics are presented as they pertain to each position. More than 20 songs and 100 licks and examples are interspersed throughout the text. The book comes with an accompanying CD that plays all of the examples – first slow and then up to speed. Songs are performed with a separate rhythm guitar practice track.

Sample tabs from this book (PDF):

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D Licks from the Key of G
C#: The Leading Note
The Solution of Old: Using a Capo
The D Scale: Open Position
The Extended Scale
The D Scale: Second Position
The D, G, and A Chords
The D Scale: Fourth Position
Scale Fragments
Fourth Position Melodic Licks
Fourth Position D and A Chords
The D Scale: 7th and 9th Positions
Seventh Position single-String Licks
Fretting the Fifth String
The D Melodic Scale: Two Octaves
Sequential Scale Practice
Two Positions for the Notes E and F#
7th and 9th Position Melodic Licks
The Fifth String A
Moveable Chord Forms
Connecting Chord Forms
Two Seventh Chord Positions
The Twelfth Fret and Beyond
Chord Positions Beyond the 12th Fret
Back-Up in the Key of D
Up the Neck Back-Up
Chord Vamping
Beyond the Major Scale
The D Blues Scale
The Twelve Bar Blues
Travis Picking
Chromatic Notes
Beyond the Key of D
Hot Licks
Transferring Scruggs Style Solos From G
Transposing Melody Notes
Transposing Up The Neck Solos


Arkansas Traveler (Up the Neck)
Arkansas Traveler (Down the Neck)
Beaumont Rag
Cuckoo’s Nest
D Jam Boogie
Dancing In Her Dreams
Eighth Of January
Fisher’s Hornpipe
Flop Eared Mule
Forked Deer
Hard Times
Lonesome Road Blues
Purple Sage Hornpipe
Ragtime Annie
Saint Anne’s Reel
Soldier’s Joy
Waltz Over The Hilltop
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Wildwood Flower
Wood Chopper’s Reel
Wreck Of The Old 97