Key of C for 5-String Banjo


Many banjo players limit their playing by only performing solos in the key of G. When a song is performed in the key of C, they simply place a capo at the 5th fret and play a solo worked out in the key of G. The material in this book demonstrates several practical ways to play in the key of C without retuning from standard G tuning or using a capo. The songs included in the book were chosen for one of two reasons: 1) the song is traditionally performed in the key of C, or 2) the song can easily be performed in the key of C to accommodate a singer’s vocal range.

The key of C is presented starting at the first position and moving up the neck. Additional topics are presented as they pertain to each position. More than 20 songs and 125 licks and examples are interspersed throughout the text. The book comes with an accompanying CD that plays all of the examples – first slow and then up to speed. Songs are performed with a separate rhythm guitar practice track.

Sample tab from this book (PDF):

Wayfaring Stranger

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The Key of C: Open Position
Emulating Key of G Licks
The G and C Major Scales Compared
The Tonal Center
Common Chords in the Key of C
Combining Chords, Notes, and Rolls
Melody Notes on the Fourth String
The Key of C: Second Position
Third Position G and G7 Chords
The Turnaround
Two Positions for the Note E
The Key of C: Fifth Position
Fifth Position Chords
Transferring G Licks to the Fifth Position
Capoing the Fifth String
Transposing Fifth Position Songs
The Key of C: Seventh Position
Chords from the Seventh Position Scale
Connecting Different Position F Chords
Locating Melody Notes Within Chords
Connecting Positions with Passing Notes
The Key of A Minor
Harmonic Minor
The C Melodic Scale: Two Octaves
The G7 to C Resolution
Dampening Unwanted Strings
Left-Hand Finger Adjustments
Another Melodic Scale Pattern
Melodic Licks from the Key of G
Fiddle Tunes in Melodic Style
Three Beats Per Measure
The Triplet and Six – Eight Time
Modulating to and from the Key of C
Back-Up in the Key of C
The Chord Vamp
Fill Licks from the Key of G
Tag Licks
Back-Up at Slow Tempos
Connecting Chords
Moveable Licks
Adding Slurs
The Twelfth Fret and Beyond


Back Up And Push
Banks Of The Ohio
Billy In The Lowground
Bury Me Beneath The Willow
Careless Love
Coming ‘Round The Mountain
Do Lord
Haystack Rag
Home Sweet Home
Jesse James
Last Chance Waltz
Lonesome Indian
Maple On The Hill
Michael Row The Boat Ashore
O’Hoolihans’s Wedding
Pig In A Pen
Put My Little Shoes Away
Spinning Wheel
Under The Double Eagle
Wayfaring Stranger
Will The Circle Be Unbroken