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Golden Wings

This piece was inspired by being at my mother's side at the time of her passing. In some ways, she didn't have much, but in others, she was very blessed. Sarah Jarosz, Mary K Isaacs, Will Walden and Jeffrey Tveraas lend their voices on the chorus.

Our dear Mother, her time has come,
Surrounded by children, each and everyone.
We gather 'round her, gifts we bring,
While she waits, for Golden Wings.

Chorus: Golden Wings, take her home,
Life on earth, almost gone.
Up in heaven, angels sing,
Take her home, Golden Wings.

Worldly riches, she had none,
But a loving husband and her three sons,
In love she gave them, so many things.
Now she waits, for Golden Wings.

(Repeat Chorus)

Our dear Daddy, has gone before.
She'll soon meet him, on that other shore.
We hold her hand, by her wedding ring.
Come and take her, Golden Wings.

(Repeat Chorus)

copyright ©2003 Eddie Collins.

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